Operational support to ensure your recruitment business runs smoothly

Once a new joint venture joins the portfolio, our dedicated operations function works with the founder to go through the detailed onboarding process to integrate into our platform. Whilst the founder is an expert at recruitment, most of them will have never set up a business before so our job is to make the whole process as smooth and efficient as possible.

We've designed our operational set-up to be plug and play and whilst each launch plan is tailored to the individual founder and business, the process is industrialised and uniform. Our systems are versatile, catering to all types of recruitment businesses and processes, from niche executive search firms to mass volume temp recruitment. 

The operations department covers the following areas: HR, real estate, systems, policy, advertising, compliance, training, and IT.


Real estate policy

If you wants to take up office premises, we have strategies to execute any of the following options:

1. We offer our founders space in our office hubs, located in various cities across Australia and New Zealand

2. Arranging independent offices. We recommend serviced offices and have lots of experience dealing with pricing, commercial terms, licenses, and the tech infrastructure required to support the physical office launch


IT set up

We're have centralised IT support in place who will be deployed to support your tech set up. This includes:

We'll provide you with recommended specifications for equipment and negotiate prices. We'll also set you up the with baseline security standard and network protection in place; going forward, any change to cybersecurity will be centrally managed by the Recruitment Entrepreneur operations team.


CRM & systems

Our philosophy when it comes to systems is uniformity. Our underlying strategy when it came to choosing a CRM was one that will easily scale across all our portfolio businesses and allows us to onboard new founders quickly. After scoping the market thoroughly, JobAdder was our CRM of choice. 

As a company, we've championed automation internally to support back office processes. JobAdder's advanced tech integrations allow us to connect it with our JVs' finance systems, sales tools and job boards, as well as feeding into our group reporting tool, for ROI tracking and compliance. This means that a lot of our processes are automatic, rather than people-managed.


HR & hiring

As your recruitment business and team grows, HR becomes ever more critical. Here's some of the ways we'll support you to ensure that your business' HR function runs smoothly:


Compliance and policy

Recruitment is a human-centric business, meaning there's a lot of legislation surrounding compliance, privacy, and rights that can affect a recruitment business. We're here to advise on any legislative compliance such as right to work, employment legislation, GDPR, or tax, along with policies on health and safety, corporate social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, or your environmental policy.