Recruitment Technology & Infrastructure

Technology and infrastructure to support your recruitment business

Implementing the right technology and infrastructure behind your business can be a huge time-saver, which in turn saves costs. It enables you to spend your time on people, not on processes. The recruitment tech market has grown rapidly in recent years, with a number of smart tools and software now available to take the legwork out of the recruitment process. 

At Recruitment Entrepreneur, we're constantly scoping the market for new and innovative tech to roll out across our group. We benefit from group pricing, allowing our smaller start-ups to access market-leading infrastructure and technology. 


Your CRM system

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system gives you a holistic view of the entire recruitment process, from applicant tracking and nurturing through to your overall company activity in one centralised portal.

Not only is it time saving and efficient, but it also creates a universal hub of information, making it easy to introduce new team members to your client base and internal processes when scaling up.

Recruitment Entrepreneur has partnered with JobAdder, a specialist CRM for recruitment agencies, which all of our portfolio partners use. 


What are the benefits of using JobAdder?


What other technology & infrastructure is available to me as a portfolio partner?