There’s more to recruitment than three-piece suits and pointy brown shoes

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There’s more to recruitment than three-piece suits and pointy brown shoes.

Contrary to common belief, recruiters aren’t all money-grabbing sharks in a three-piece blue suit and pointy brown shoes. They have the hard task of going out to market to source a job to fill, finding a candidate suitable for the position, making sure interviews go ahead, negotiating a desirable offer for the candidate, getting them to accept and, in some cases this can be the hardest part - ensuring they start.

As recruiters, we spend a lot of time pitching our company’s services to clients and candidates but what if we spent more time pitching ourselves and our own USPs?

Starting with the benefits for a candidate, why should you trust your recruiter?

  1. A good recruiter doesn’t just ring an endless list of potential clients until they get a job which other agencies have failed to fill for the past six months. They speak to the best clients within their industry and secure exclusive jobs often inaccessible to candidates.

  2. They have the right contacts to expedite the recruitment process for maximum efficiency.

  3. They won’t just send a copy of your CV, cross their fingers and hope to hear back from a client. They promote you as an individual, setting you apart from the crowd by selling your skills and experience to guarantee an interview.

  4. They understand the client’s requirements and ensure you fully understand and have a keen interest in the role before putting you forward.

  5. The better your recruiter knows you the better they can place you. It may seem like they’re asking a lot of questions but it’s important that they know what you value in an employer and what you want from your career – then they can make the best placement possible.

  6. Having spent years building relationships with clients, they will only put you forward if what you’re looking for matches what the client can offer, thus not wasting anyone’s precious time.

  7. Thanks to their vast experience recruiters are well placed and equipped to advise you on most career related issues, whether it’s progression, company culture or relevant training or qualifications.

  8. You don’t just switch jobs for a pay rise, there is always more to the story. A recruiter can put himself in your position and understand the things that motivate you personally – whether that’s flexible working hours, not having the same salary as a colleague who has the same role as you or your appetite for progression, they will use this knowledge to target their searches.

In today’s client-driven market, it’s important to have a relationship with at least one recruiter within your industry. Even if you’re not looking for a new job, they have an unparalleled understanding of the marketplace and can open doors at any time. Recruiters will always want to meet new people and learn about innovation within their industry. Don’t just assume they want to sell you something or twist your arm into attending an interview, often you can both benefit from a quick chat.

Michael Robinson, Team LeaderElitesoft Group