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Several months ago, I had no idea the world of recruitment existed let alone that I would become part of it.

I am just a simple guy from Wales who gets on with things, never did I dream that I would be writing this sat at my desk in London as a technical support and web development executive.

Not too shabby for a guy from the middle of nowhere, if I do say so myself. When I say middle of nowhere I mean nowhere. My closest neighbours were sheep. The closest humans were about a mile away, if I wanted a CD or a DVD it’s a 28-mile drive to the nearest town. Oh, how times have now changed; I no longer have a car in the city. Everywhere I went I got a parking ticket.

Now I bet you’re wondering if this guy knew nothing about this world, how on earth is he writing a blog for one of the fastest growing investment companies of 2017? If you want me to be truthful I’m wondering the same thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a rogue from the street, I do have seven years of IT experience having worked on projects stretching from London to Los Angeles, but never had I the opportunity to work in an industry such as this.

I come from a small town in Wales, Llanymddyfri or in English, Llandovery. Here recruitment doesn’t exist. Someone who will find a job that best suits you, free of charge? My grandparents would call you crazy. I was always told that if I wanted a job I had to go out and get one. I get a lot of questions about my job and the recruitment industry, I find it easiest to make it relateable:

Curious compadre: Why on earth would you let someone get you a job?

Chez’s answer: In the footballing world is it weird to have scouts and agents? These are the guys that do all the work in the background. Phoning, filing and agreeing terms. The beautiful game wouldn’t work without them.

There are times when I sit here at my desk as an observer carefully watching, it seems these guys are preparing for war. They are suited up, shoes shined, regimented and I am sure I have seen war paint in the past. When they arrive and they begin work it’s like they have just placed the bayonets on their rifles and are sitting patiently in the trenches awaiting the order to charge over the top.

Across the office floor echo the voices of recruiters, ringing phones and the thrashing of keys. From the distance of my desk I hear, “It doesn’t work” or “This machine is broken” this is where I come in: straight to the front line just like a medic tending the wounded. Once the machine is up and running they’re back in action, thrown back onto the battlefield that is recruitment.

Then finally through all the sounds, someone will stand up, march along the aisle to the gong. The hammer is clenched in their hand and, with a mighty swing, BOOM. The eruption of applause is deafening.

The battle is won. All the hard work and determination was worth it. Now I understand what these guys do, they put in the hours so an average Joe like me can achieve greater things and have more imaginative goals.

The battle starts over each day, until Friday when the clock strikes at just the right time then it’s time to leave; we head out together like brothers in arms, no person left behind, to celebrate that not only is the battle won but the week’s war.

The one thing I’ve realised during my time here is that a recruiter never switches off. They’re always thinking about their role in the business and are incredibly passionate about what they do. Myself, I have always thought that work stays at work, but these guys are committed to helping their candidates and clients whatever time of the day.

I asked one of the CEOs (Grant Kaveney, GKR London), “Why recruitment?”. His reply was the most genuine I have ever heard:

“Influencing people, changing lives and changing the company. There isn’t a more rewarding job like it. Especially when you make a placement that helps a company to flourish .” When asked to summarise in simply two words, “Influencing change”.

My role is different to that of a recruiter, I’m the guy that ensures everything is running smoothly so everyone can get on with their job. Whenever that phone rings or an email drops in I’m ready to deal with anything from a minor issue to a website falling over. I’ve even braved the internet going down. There’s an experience if you ever want one - over 160 people anxiously waiting and relying on you to make it happen. Heading towards the comms cupboard declaring “To the firewall!” has never sounded so epic. Emerging after solving that issue was one of the best feelings in the world. You know the scene from The Wolf of Wall Street, where DiCaprio has his hands in the air? Well that’s how I felt at that moment; people thanking me, high-fives being thrown around like fun tokens.

I am not one to brag, but I also make a tremendous cup of tea and nothing is better than looking over the floor and sipping that beautiful brew, knowing that what you do keeps these guys going.

After walking into a world that I knew nothing about not so long ago, this has been one of the greatest experiences of my life to date. Having the opportunity to meet this many amazing, passionate and driven people who drive you to push yourself harder than ever before is incredible. There are tears when things don’t go right but then again when is anything all sunshine and roses? I am truly honoured to be working here, in the now demystified world of recruitment, that’s the truth.

Written by Chez Jennings, Technical Support and Web Development Executive, Recruitment Entrepreneur