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What’s the secret to scaling? How do I increase the value of my business? How do I adapt my leadership style with a growing team? 

If you're asking yourself these questions, it may mean you're ready to set the foundations for sustainable, profitable growth. 

Transforming from a small specialist to a recognised business with market share is hard, which is why the businesses we’ve partnered with came on board. They found running as a boutique specialist successful, but struggled to grow past a certain point.

It takes senior strategic planning; ongoing investment; leading infrastructure; clear and consistent ways of working; and expert support to quickly scale within recruitment. We’ve scaled many businesses, and know from years of industry experience, how it’s done. We coach, support and empower you to get your company to a place where it’s profitable, expanding overseas, and functioning effectively. This is where it needs to be to increase its value (to a potential buyer) and significantly impact your personal wealth.

We work closely with all our partners to create global sales strategies for client acquisition, retention and growth; reviewing up selling and cross selling opportunities and affiliate associations to help you stay ahead of the curve in the eyes of your clients and candidates.

As part of our offering, we help report on your teams results and regularly coach you so you’re better able to run the business. As a highly respected and market leading Founding Director you’ll be able to lead through various stages of growth and change, whilst developing your consultants for succession planning, to become future leaders in your business.

"Having worked alongside a global leader both launching new and scaling existing businesses, I appreciate the benefit of having a supportive infrastructure which enables you to focus on the fundamental priorities of your team, clients and candidates. Recruitment Entrepreneur’s guidance, know-how and infrastructure, blended with the entrepreneurial ability to develop your own vision, culture and brand, truly underpins the market leading results we are demonstrating across our portfolio and validates our unique platform."
Greg Hollis, Managing Director at Recruitment Entrepreneur

With over 22 years of business development and management experience, most recently at ManpowerGroup, Greg focuses on the identification, development and support of recruitment businesses in the UK. With his extensive industry expertise, he plays an integral role in driving the progress of new entrepreneurs within the portfolio and supporting them to build sustainable businesses.

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