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How we’re making the most of growth opportunities in Ireland with James Caan CBE and Recruitment Entrepreneur.

Capitalising on new growth opportunities in the wake of Brexit, James Caan CBE’s latest investment introduces the Irish market to Recruitment Entrepreneur's portfolio.

Dublin-based 360 Search is a boutique financial recruitment consultancy. Founded in 2010 by Managing Director Lynda Barnes, 360 Search has already established itself as market leader, securing contracts with industry giants such as Aviva, JLT and Locktons.

Now, following its partnership with RE, 360 Search has its sights set firmly on the future. Lynda Barnes talks joining the portfolio, the perks of collaboration and global scaling.

[caption id="attachment_60671" align="alignright" width="293"] Lynda Barnes, founder and Managing Director of 360 Search[/caption]

Why did you choose Recruitment Entrepreneur over another source of investment?

Prior to our partnership with Recruitment Entrepreneur, 360 Search was split between a few shareholders. While this arrangement worked for the initial launching and development stages, we found it quite prohibitive in terms of being able to scale and take the company in the direction we wanted.

We also wanted a partner that was more than a silent investor. As part of a venture capitalist portfolio, you get a level of support and guidance that is just as valuable as a cash injection.

For us, Recruitment Entrepreneur offered the perfect solution – we can run 360 Search the way we always wanted, whilst also being part of something bigger that facilitates development and business growth.

What aspects of your partnership with RE do you find most beneficial?

The key word here is partnership. Entrepreneurship is a lonely road and having a support team behind you that understands and can help you solve your problems is invaluable.

When working with Recruitment Entrepreneur, you feel the immediate benefit from working with a team of commercial experts who have a wealth of experience in driving businesses. Their extensive experience, not just in the recruitment sector, but also in terms of scaling businesses and the financial market, is a phenomenal asset to us.

The tangible aspects, such as the operational and legal support, are also helpful. The ability to delegate and outsource these parts of running 360 Search means that we can focus on the heart of the business.

[caption id="attachment_60670" align="alignleft" width="365"] Lynda Barnes and Sarah McGrath (Director) with the RE team[/caption]

How has 360 Search evolved since RE’s investment?

The reputation that James Caan brings with him has most definitely assisted with increasing our visibility and positioning within the market. Along with the investment we gained brand awareness and media attention, particularly with the angle of women in business, which was fantastic.

With Recruitment Entrepreneur’s muscle behind 360 Search, we’ve been able to compete with larger companies and secure bigger contracts. We recently secured an exclusive four year partnership with Brokers Ireland – a representative body for over 1200 insurance and financial brokers throughout Ireland.


What is your future vision for 360 Search?

Our current focus is scaling the business. Facilitated by Recruitment Entrepreneur’s investment, we aim to increase the Dublin office’s headcount threefold by the end of the year. After that, London feels like the next natural step in expanding globally – especially with the main Recruitment Entrepreneur hub being there. Our partners' experience in scaling businesses gives us the know-how and confidence to take 360 Search to an exciting new level.

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