Recruitment Entrepreneur launches new service model for budding entrepreneurs

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Recruitment Entrepreneur is excited to announce the launch of REflex, a completely new offering and model. An alternative to the joint venture route geared towards rapid growth, REflex empowers ambitious recruiters who want to be their own boss to set up and run successful lifestyle businesses.

Abid Hamid, CEO of Recruitment Entrepreneur, explains, “Over the past few years we’ve noticed a real gap in the market. There are so many talented recruiters who have the ambition to create something for themselves, but who don’t necessarily want to scale or who doesn’t have the upfront capital investment. Previously our model hasn’t suited lifestyle businesses, hence the launch of REflex. Entrepreneurs will have access to our mentoring, back-office support, infrastructure and more, without entering into an investment deal and giving away equity. We’re excited to expand our foothold in the market and have the capacity to help develop even more promising leaders within the recruitment industry.”

Complementing the traditional co-invest model, REflex is flexible and tailored to each individual’s business needs and vision. It provides all the support needed to transition from being a high-billing recruiter to launching and running one’s own recruitment business. This may include creating a brand, launching a website, accounting and credit control, setting up IT and CRM systems, or creating an ongoing social media marketing plan. Recruitment Entrepreneur’s senior management team boasts over 100 years’ industry experience, positioning them as expert mentors and advisors. As part of REflex, directors benefit from monthly management meetings to help them develop broader areas such as client strategy, business development, or talent attraction.

COO Greg Hollis adds, “Down the line REflex directors may wish to scale their business, at which point they would transition from REflex to a full joint venture with us. For those to whom a profitable and well-respected lifestyle recruitment business is the end goal, REflex is the ideal model. For others, it may be the first stepping stone to something bigger. Either way, by providing all the support and know-how, REflex acts as a springboard to launch and make them stand out in the market from day one.”

James Caan CBE, who is Chairman of Recruitment Entrepreneur, commented “Diversification is key to business growth. REflex is by no means a replacement of our current investment model; in 2021, we plan to invest in at least eight new joint ventures. The two offerings will run in tandem, each serving a different purpose and demographic. There is a vast amount of potential currently in the market – the UK has the third-largest recruitment industry in the world – and REflex will see us partner with more recruitment businesses across a broader spectrum of industry, location, and size. I’m thrilled to finally launch REflex and look forward to bringing the first partnerships on board shortly.”


Find out more about REflex and download the full brochure.