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James Caan CBE and Recruitment Entrepreneur celebrate the launch of their new energy sector specialist recruitment business, Bow Resources

A global manpower solutions specialist for energy sector professionals, Bow Resources has been established by partners Ian Balcomb and Ben Carlisle. Bringing over 30 years of market experience within the Smart Energy, Oil & Gas and Renewables sectors, they provide technical and academic training. They both have extensive experience working across EMEA, Kazakhstan and the CIS, and are set to quickly scale their business and client base. With local content at the forefront of their business plans, Ben and Ian are looking to further expand their in-country solutions offerings.

Founder and Chairman of Recruitment Entrepreneur, James Caan CBE is excited to welcome Bow Resources to the portfolio hub in London:

“With Ian and Ben working in one of my previous businesses, choosing to invest in them to set up their own company was a simple decision. They are true market experts in the energy sector and have the drive and ambition to make a real difference to everyone they work with”.

With over fifteen years of industry experience, partner Ian Balcomb has held numerous senior positions such as Regional Director and Country Manager; providing resource and project management services to some of the world’s largest oil and gas operators, domestically and internationally. Commenting on the launch, Ian said “Recruitment Entrepreneur has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to start a business we can be proud of in a sector we understand explicitly. Having worked within James’s wider group of businesses we feel we have been recognised for our achievements and given the scope to fulfil our full potential in a growing market we’re passionate about as founding CEOs”.

Bow Resources takes pride in the expertise of their multilingual consultants who source candidates globally through extensive referral-driven networks, developing pools of highly-qualified candidates across markets. Operating on an international level, they already boast a strong network of contacts worldwide. Partner Ben Carlisle said, ‘to mark the launch of our new business, myself and Alice Price-Pettit will be travelling to Oman on the 2nd July, meeting with many of our current and potential future clients to share the news of our partnership and discuss local content and training needs. We know the reputation we have as individuals within the industry has established us in the market as reliable and trusted providers, this is now further strengthened by becoming part of the Recruitment Entrepreneur portfolio, as they are committed to helping us expand our global capability and presence”.

Ben has specialised in the oil and gas sector for the past six years, quickly gaining a reputation for his ability to build and maintain relationships with international oil companies. Having managed projects for clients across EMEA he is well positioned to assist with both local content and expat requirements.

Abid Hamid, CEO of Recruitment Entrepreneur comments on the acquisition:

“We are excited to be partnering with the Bow Resources team. Since coming on board they’ve formed a new brand and launched a new website. Ian and Ben are not only knowledgeable about their industry, they are natural leaders capable of fostering an award winning global team. We look forward to supporting them in their journey and celebrating our successful partnership.”


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About Bow Resources

Bow Resources brings together market leading specialists to provide manpower solutions to the Energy market. Our focus is in Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and technical, academic and construction training.

We have over 30 years’ experience providing international personnel to major projects, whilst also working with clients to help fulfil their local content needs. We understand the need for balance, between international expats and building a strong local content framework.

About Recruitment Entrepreneur

Recruitment Entrepreneur is the UK’s most exciting investor in early-midsize recruitment companies. Founded by James Caan CBE, Recruitment Entrepreneur enables companies to grow, becoming respected competitors in their chosen market. Recruitment Entrepreneur looks to back people who want to build real capital value for themselves, rather than run boutique, lifestyle businesses. The model not only provides the capital required to scale, but support in every aspect of a business from mentorship and infrastructure, to legal and financial services, so entrepreneurs can grow a sustainable and profitable recruitment company.

About James Caan CBE

James Caan is one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs. He made his fortune through the global success of his recruitment companies, Alexander Mann and Humana International. In 2004, he founded private equity firm Hamilton Bradshaw which grew to a portfolio of over 30 businesses. He is best known for joining the panel of the hit BBC show Dragons’ Den, and more recently, The Business Class on CNBC. A passionate supporter of small businesses, James chaired the government’s Start Up Loans scheme and now invests in and mentors Recruitment Entrepreneur businesses.


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