Recruitment Entrepreneur announces the sale of Walter James to ZRG Partners

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Recruitment Entrepreneur, a private equity firm with an investment focus in the recruitment sector, has today announced the sale of Walter James Ltd to ZRG Partners LLC. Walter James are a leading global executive search and human capital advisory firm who received seed investment from Recruitment Entrepreneur in 2015.

James Absalom, CEO of Walter James, said, “When you are looking at your business strategy for growth, and the option of external investment presents itself, taking the next step and parting ways with a percentage of your company isn’t an easy decision. However, after my first meeting with James Caan, Chairman, and Abid Hamid, CEO of Recruitment Entrepreneur, partnering with them was a natural decision to ensure the evolution and growth I wanted from Walter James. This has led to where we are today, and this planned exit event. I’m delighted for Recruitment Entrepreneur, and ourselves, after an amazing collaboration over the years that we have managed to achieve such a great success story.”

Abid Hamid, CEO of Recruitment Entrepreneur, added, “Working with James and the team at Walter James has been a wonderful entrepreneurial journey. James’ determination to build his business to a world class provider of recruitment services to some of the biggest corporations in the world is nothing short of fantastic. He has worked tirelessly to compete with, and be regarded as a peer to, some of the biggest names in our industry. This performance has led to a very successful business that has now achieved what most entrepreneurs strive for, a material capital event that allows James to have personal wealth and build his business to the next level. I am immensely proud of the fact that we were part of this journey and have contributed to its success.”

James Caan CBE, Chairman of Recruitment Entrepreneur, summarised, “We don’t just invest and grow businesses. We invest and grow people who have the passion and share the same values that we do - that have the determination to build their business in partnership with us that in turn allows us to make them, and their businesses, leaders in their recruitment sectors. James Absalom and Walter James are a fantastic example of how our leading investment and mentoring strategy works so well in the recruitment industry.”


For further reading on the sale and ZRG Partners, please find a link to ZRG Partners' press release on the sale here