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JobAdder, a leader in the recruitment software industry, has announced a technology partnership with Recruitment Entrepreneur, the world’s fastest growing recruitment investment specialist, owned by former Dragons’ Den investor, James Caan CBE.

The JobAdder platform will be implemented across Recruitment Entrepreneur’s 17 businesses, to provide a consistent platform that will expedite the company’s goal of growing their recruiters by more than 400% over the next three years.

Founding Chairman James Caan CBE, said “The security and scalability of the system along with the collaborative approach of the JobAdder team were critical factors in selecting it for Recruitment Entrepreneur’s portfolio businesses. Since the teams have been using the new CRM, the feedback has been that it’s made managing the recruitment process more efficient, providing more time for them to spend on the part of the job they’re passionate about, with their candidates and clients”.

Speaking further on the introduction of JobAdder to his global portfolio of recruitment companies, James shared this video.

Abid Hamid, Recruitment Entrepreneur’s CEO, commented on how JobAdder has been transformational in impacting performance, and helping the group achieve business objectives: “Working from a platform that’s intuitive and easy to use for both experienced consultants and new starters makes training, onboarding and managing client and candidate pipelines quicker, therefore saving time and money to generate our desired results”.

Darren Watts, Sales Director at JobAdder, said of the partnership, “We’re delighted to bring Recruitment Entrepreneur on as a client to support them in strengthening their recruitment process and achieving their goal of reaching 1000 recruiters over the next three years. As the No.1 leader in recruitment software in the Australian market, we will be supporting Recruitment Entrepreneur’s efforts to achieve growth and drive innovation in the local industry.”


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