QuanTech Partners launches in partnership with Recruitment Entrepreneur and James Caan CBE

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James Caan CBE and Recruitment Entrepreneur recently partnered with David Carrier to launch QuanTech Partners, a new recruitment business specialising in quantitative trading, investment and fintech. David joins the group as part of REflex, Recruitment Entrepreneur’s new service-based model that helps ambitious entrepreneurs set up and run their own business with a suite of support services behind them.  

QuanTech Partners collaborates with pioneering hedge funds, proprietary traders, tech firms and fintech start-ups who are seeking to hire exceptional talent. Founder David Carrier brings a wealth of experience within financial services, having worked in corporate banking before focusing on HR and recruitment within the industry. Before deciding to set up QuanTech Partners, David was head of the internal recruitment function at a leading systematic hedge fund, where he was hiring across all the quantitative roles from portfolio managers to quantitative research. Now, as Director of QuanTech Partners, he will leverage this extensive network and expertise, helping his clients build up in a high-growth market.

David commented, “The pandemic made a lot of people reassess their priorities in life. I feel I’m now at the stage where I can build on all I’ve learned in my career to date and I’m able to work in an independent capacity for more than one business, which is what I can now do with QuanTech Partners. Quantitative finance is an incredible competitive market but I’m confident that I can differentiate myself, having worked on both sides of the fence. I’m able to forge strong relationships and understand my clients’ requirements more than other recruiters who haven’t worked on the inside before.

“One aspect which I’m particularly passionate about is addressing the current lack of diversity within the quant space, particularly in terms of gender. I believe that talent partners such as QuanTech Partners have a responsibility to rectify this imbalance through our candidate pools and the shortlists we present to clients, and I intend to work in tandem with my clients to push forward the diversity and inclusion agenda across all areas of quantitative finance.”

CEO of Recruitment Entrepreneur, Abid Hamid, commented, “We’re delighted to welcome David Carrier and QuanTech Partners to the growing REflex group. The quants market is an incredibly exciting space to be in right now and David’s experience positions him perfectly to be the partner of choice for leading technology and finance institutions around the world. I look forward to working with David as he builds his brand in the market.”

On partnering with Recruitment Entrepreneur’s REflex offering, David said, “Going out on your own can be rather a lonely and daunting prospect. When I came across RE, with James Caan and the team he’s built, I was drawn to their expertise. They understand the pitfalls and errors you can make when starting out and are able to offer support in the areas where I’m not totally proficient. That’s been a real help in getting my business up and running. Whilst I had the original concept and a pool of clients, it’s difficult to cover all the bases. REflex is a fantastic support mechanism whereby I get to work with highly professional, competent and experienced people.”