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I hate jumping on the bandwagon. Especially if it is a Donald Trump bandwagon. But I couldn’t help but think if there are any similarities between his ‘achievement’ of late and the world of recruitment.

The first thought was ‘Do people hate recruiters as much as they hate Donald Trump?’ A little too self-deprecating for me. My second thought was for our candidates - ‘Donald Trump is a reminder that you should apply for that job even if you don’t have experience.’ Not a good way to keep our clients happy. Then I realised that the last two Recruitment Consultant hires at Beeken Reeves - successful hires to boot - have come from a background so far away from recruitment that his recent win shares a lot of comparison. So here I am, writing another Donald Trump related blog. Original right?

My first comparison is with our resident Doctor, whose eclectic background covers playing professional rugby league for Huddersfield Giants to recently receiving a PhD in Organic Chemistry. He moved down to London from York at the end of 2015 after becoming disillusioned with his originally chosen career path, joining Beeken Reeves as an Associate Consultant. In his own words, he says that his ‘first 6 months as a recruitment consultant were both exciting and difficult’ yet I can safely vouch that he is not only ahead of schedule in terms of financial performance but also has shown business and management acumen which will shine through in months to come. After a year in recruitment, in completely new industry, he is excelling in a field that his studies never would have directed him to.

Another recent hire is also a northerner (we have a theme going here). After achieving a degree in Creative Music Technology from Huddersfield University, she worked as a freelance Composer across the UK, working with hugely well-known brands to create promotional videos. After living in Hastings, she took the plunge in the summer of 2016 to move to London and pursue a career in recruitment. In her own words ‘I did some research into recruitment and I loved the fact that the amount you can earn is completely dependent on the amount of hard work you put in.’ Her tenacity in her initial freelance career has translated to the entrepreneurial world of start-up recruitment fabulously. After only a short period of time she is working autonomously with candidates, ahead of schedule to start taking over some of our key accounts and shows all the signs of a high-potential employee for the future. Again – another example of someone who has used her transferable skills and fallen into an industry that is frankly poles apart from her studies and experience.

But why am I making these comparisons? Well if a man with no previous experience in politics can rise to the highest political position in the USA, this should serve as an example that pursuing a change in career can be successfully achieved (I’m not suggesting you all become politicians. All though I hear the expense policy is fairly liberal!).

With this in mind, I’m sure all of you at some point have considered a different career path or have been in a position in your career where you think ‘what’s next?’

So why not recruitment?

Why not be trained by some of the best trainers in the world, specialised in their field, with the single aim of helping you to improve your recruitment skills. The better you become as a recruiter, the more value you add to your client’s business. You will service your candidates better and help them find their perfect job faster. Ultimately, you will make more commission. So, as you hone your skills, enjoy greater success and make more money, it becomes a bit of a no-brainer.

At Beeken Reeves and our parent company Recruitment Entrepreneur, we invest in people’s careers to make sure you are the best you can possibly be. We have fun at work, we earn more money than our competitors and we invest in developing your long term career in business. Simply put, the better you are when you work with us, the better we are.

There is no prejudice shown on your background. Whether you are just entering the career ladder or want to make a complete change, if you show drive, determination and a willingness to succeed, you can make a successful career in recruitment. I should be testament to this, I never made it close to being a professional Rugby League player, barely scraped a 2.2 in Sports Science and was turned down from a Sales Assistant job at Poundland when I was 15.

Beeken Reeves is growing, Recruitment Entrepreneur is growing, why not be a part of our future?

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Thanks Donald, you are an inspiration to us all.