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Recruitment Entrepreneur, a highly esteemed leader in recruitment industry investments on a global scale, is delighted to announce its strategic collaboration with its newest addition to the portfolio, Needle Recruitment, a specialised recruitment agency serving a wide range of sectors within Slovakia. This partnership will harness the combined expertise of both organisations to seize the significant opportunities within the untapped Slovakian market. 


Needle Recruitment was founded by Peter Kratochvíla, a highly esteemed and respected recruitment specialist in the Slovakian market. Through this collaboration, Needle Recruitment seeks to strengthen its foothold in the region, harnessing the potential of exciting technological advancements within the sector, and extend its influence throughout Eastern Europe. 


James Caan CBE, famed for his involvement in the popular TV series Dragons' Den (the UK’s version of Markiza’s Jama Lenova) and as the founder and Chairman of Recruitment Entrepreneur, brings to this collaboration his extensive expertise, international prominence, and a team of versatile business support professionals. His remarkable history includes a string of achievements in fostering and expanding promising recruitment enterprises on a global scale. 

Looking ahead to this exciting partnership, James Caan expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "I am thrilled to join forces with Needle Recruitment and its founder, Peter. Peter's unwavering dedication and impressive track record in the recruitment sector in Slovakia perfectly align with the mission of Recruitment Entrepreneur (RE) to support and empower recruitment entrepreneurs on a global scale. Peter's expertise and his team's accomplishments in this field make them an ideal fit for our vision." 


Gerard Koolen, Group Managing Partner of Lugera, RE Slovakia’s appointed Local Partner remarked, "It has been an honour collaborating with Peter to realise his vision of establishing a premier recruitment firm. As part of RE CEE we are committed to sustaining our efforts in driving growth and upholding excellence in the recruitment market of Slovakia." 


Peter Kratochvíla, the founder of Needle Recruitment, conveyed his excitement, stating, "This collaboration with Recruitment Entrepreneur marks a significant achievement for us. We are eager to harness the extensive resources and knowledge of James and the RE team, all while upholding our recruitment values and delivering exceptional service to our clients and candidates." 


 The recruitment landscape in Slovakia offers a plethora of exciting prospects spanning various sectors. Through the synergy of their strengths and industry acumen, RE and Needle Recruitment aspire to streamline talent acquisition and foster career progression in this swiftly expanding market. 


As the collaboration between Recruitment Entrepreneur and Needle Recruitment blossoms, the industry can anticipate ground-breaking solutions, unparalleled service, and a steadfast dedication to catalysing positive transformation. Both entities are brimming with enthusiasm about the forthcoming opportunities and are resolute in leaving an enduring imprint on the Slovakian recruitment arena. 

For media inquiries or further information, please contact: 


For Recruitment Entrepreneur (CEE) 

Georgiana Zanfir, Regional Manager for Central and Eastern Europe 



Contact Number: +40 740 113 151 


For Needle Recruitment 

Peter Kratochvíla – Founder & Managing Partner 



Contact Number: +421 902 102 442 

About Recruitment Entrepreneur (RE): 

Recruitment Entrepreneur is a global leader in the recruitment industry, founded by James Caan CBE. RE empowers recruitment entrepreneurs by providing funding, support, and expertise to help them build successful businesses. With a track record of success in nurturing recruitment start-ups, RE is committed to driving innovation and excellence in the industry.  

About Needle Recruitment: 

Needle Recruitment is a specialised recruitment agency dedicated to efficiently sourcing top-tier talent for critical roles across various sectors. Our primary focus centres on permanent placements, allowing clients to secure professionals equipped with the precise skills and knowledge essential for their organisations.  

We acknowledge the value of external candidates in bringing fresh perspectives and diverse experiences to clients' teams.  

Needle Recruitment’s expertise extends to a wide range of domains, including Production, Quality, Health and Safety, Logistics, Purchasing, Trade, IT, Engineering, HR, Finance, and Customer Service. In the competitive job market of today, the company's services serve as a valuable resource, saving clients both time and resources in their pursuit of the right employees.  

Furthermore, the executive search services are tailored to address the need for experienced professionals to fill pivotal leadership roles. Needle Recruitment positions itself as your dedicated partner in the journey of building an exceptional team.