How will technology change recruitment in 2020?

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As we bring the curtain down on 2019 and move into 2020, how will technology change the way recruiters serve their clients and candidates? Let’s find out.

January 1st 2020 isn’t just the start of a new year; it’s the start of a new decade. For recruiters, the 2010s was the decade of LinkedIn. What will the 2020s hold? Perhaps the next big thing is something that hasn’t even been thought of yet. What we do know is that technology is disrupting recruitment right now, changing the way we do our jobs. As we move into the new year and decade, this looks set to continue. In this article, we’re going to look at three innovations that will revolutionise the way we serve our clients and candidates.

1 – Analytics

Organisations in all sectors of the economy are finding that their data and the way they use it can be their competitive advantage. Thanks to high-powered data analysis platforms, the numbers can drive every decision a business makes. In our industry, we talk about ‘people analytics’, but we are only scratching the surface of its potential at the moment. Companies with mature enough data and a focus on the right metrics are able to predict what kind of people will be successful in specific roles in their organisation. By taking who has been successful, then using technology to analyse their personality types, as well as how

you hired them, you can replicate that successful hire. You can also look at retention and employee engagement. If you can measure it, you can manage it. Right now, most companies do not have sufficient data and are unsure of how to use the tech. Expect that to change soon.

2 – AI

AI has been something we’ve talked about in the recruitment industry for a long time, but we are still a way away from it becoming commonplace. There is a connection between AI and analytics, as well as with our third topic. However, it’s important to focus on how AI can enhance what recruiters do, not how it can replace them. Here are three ways in which AI could bring better outcomes to the hiring process:

  • AI-powered language tools can write a job advertisement that appeals directly to the kind of people you want to apply, without any unintended biases.
  • AI-based tools can help recruiters find passive candidates, people who would be excellent for the role, but are not active in the job market.

Companies can use AI to predict changes in their business before they happen. They can then alter their hiring strategies to match what they need. Perhaps the most exciting way that AI will be able to enhance a recruiter’s effectiveness is with interview analysis tools. These pieces of software use face and speech recognition to analyse video interviews with candidates, monitoring body language, energy, tone of voice, stress levels and much more. It also picks up signs of dishonesty or outside help. This technology will help recruiters assess whether the candidate is a good fit for the job they are interviewing for.

3 – Automation

The progress of automation technology will take many everyday tasks out of the hands of recruiters. This means they can concentrate on the things humans do better; building relationships and growing their business.

If it’s possible to use automation to complete a job, smart recruiters should be taking advantage of it. Automation software is more effective than a human when it comes to fulfilling a task; automation does it faster, it will be error-free and they never complain about it!

As technology advances, expect automation to become more and more prevalent in recruitment. For example, you will see more:

  • Automated emails to follow up with candidates and schedule meetings
  • AI-powered, automated candidate screening
  • Fully-automated email marketing and lead nurturing to help win clients
  • Applicant tracking platforms to improve workflow

Some people working in recruitment may worry about these developments. If technology can improve the hiring process and the client/candidate experience, will they need humans at all? Don’t be scared. Remember, automation has been around since the Industrial Revolution. It has absolutely changed the nature of work, but it hasn’t eliminated it.

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