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Could you create the next recruitment business to mirror the success of Asoria Group, Alexander Mann Solutions or Michael Page?

It’s an attractive move that holds the promise of significantly increased earnings, a flexible work schedule and a welcome relief from KPIs and Monday standups. A natural step forward for some, a chance to deliver on a vision for others, and a way for the relentlessly ambitious to achieve more from an industry that can offer so much.

Ask yourself why?

Being a top performer within an agency and running a top-performing business are entirely different sides of the coin. Not every top biller is destined for directorship and very often those traits that elevate them as high performers, unravel them as managers or agency owners. To run anything bigger than a small brand you need to know how to delegate, lead a team, and respect the importance of processes and methodology. Lifting any business from a start-up to success also takes hard work, long weeks and investment far beyond the hours even recruiters are party to. As
an agency owner, you’re sacrificing that security line of working for someone else and it’s a decision that should be made with that understanding. What do you want to achieve and what do you have to do to reach that?

Invest in confidence

Of those 5,000 new agencies, only a handful will drive their headcounts into double figures, but what will turn today’s start-ups into joining the Times Future 50? It comes down to having the confidence, knowledge and opportunity to grow aggressively in the right direction. However, you only know what you know in business, which is why scaling will always carry a risk for those that haven’t done it before. Recruitment Entrepreneur was introduced for that very reason and is recognised as the fastest growing recruitment business in the world. We’re here to invest our experience, capital and network as industry leaders in those that we believe have the relentless ambition to become the recruitment leaders of tomorrow.

Isaac Newton said that we can see further by standing on the shoulders of giants. Those agencies earmarked for greatness will learn from the successes and failures of those that have come before them.

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