Having a bad day? Here are five top tips to turn it around

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We have all been there. You forget your wallet, get stuck in traffic, spill your coffee all over yourself, get an unpleasant email from your boss or a client first thing… the list goes on. It is all too easy to let things compound, throw a pity party for one and write the day off before it has barely begun.

Bad mood and negative energy lead to poor productivity and decreased focus. This increases the chances of mistakes, increases stress levels, and ultimately results in the day becoming even worse. Think Fallen Down with Michael Douglas.

So, what is the answer? In short, positivity.

Just before you declare a state of negative emergency, take a step back, get up from your desk, go for a quick walk around the block, go for a coffee and clear your mind for a brief moment. Then evaluate how bad the situation is. Keep perspective. The next step is managing how to move forward; this could mean compartmentalising and moving on, or tackling the issues straight on.

Instead of trying to fix everything at once, break it down and manage one problem at a time. Try to restrict your worries to matters you can control and influence.

Five tips on how to be positive


Did you know you can trick your mind into being more positive just by simulating the act of smiling? Smiling triggers a reduction in stress-enhancing hormones and increases the production of those proven to enhance your mood. Unfortunately, the same science applies to frowning…


The mind and body have a very strong connection, with each having a weighty effect on the other. If you are trying to move your mind to a positive state, why not move your body there first. Sit/stand up straight, head up, shoulders back and chest out. This will make you feel strong and powerful.


It is very hard to maintain a state of positivity if you are constantly being dragged down by negative friends, family and co-workers. Avoid negative conversations, and if you do get caught up one, change the subject to something more positive.


“You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself in your head. Be kind to yourself”

You have to speak to yourself like you are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical human on earth. What you believe, you will become. We are often our own worst critics, and it important to be mindful that when we are speaking to ourselves, we are listening.


In the words of Savage Garden, “What you give is what you get returned”. Unfortunately not every kind action is met with the appreciation it deserves. However, your actions always matter. How you think of and treat others will have a huge effect on how you think about and treat yourself.

We cannot always control our external circumstances, but we can control our response, both physical and mental. Harnessing our thoughts and actions will, overtime, build up a positive resilience that will, in time, become instinctive.

So cancel that pity party, be kind, surround yourself with positive people and smile that little bit more.



Written by Anthony Stuart, Associate Director at Hayward Hawk.

With 10 years’ industry experience, Hayward Hawk's expert knowledge of Northern Ireland’s technology market means they're unparalleled leaders in the field.


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