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Emily Stuttard has recently been promoted to Operations Assistant and as a result, we are looking for a new Front of House assistant! This is a fantastic opportunity for a friendly, organised and motivated individual looking to begin their career in an exciting environment with lots of scope for growth. Learn more about this opportunity and apply here.

One of the most important things to look for, in any stage of your career, is the opportunity for progression. Whether this is your first job or you have decades of experience, you need space to grow.

When I first interviewed at Recruitment Entrepreneur in January 2017, I was particularly struck by the unique environment they’d fostered at their Chelsea headquarters. RE is the UK’s leading investor in recruitment start-ups, and shares its headquarters with six of its fifteen portfolio companies. A collegiate environment emanates throughout, with recent graduates sitting alongside their CEOs, gaining unparalleled experience from industry experts.


Recruitment Entrepreneur is itself a start-up, having launched three years ago in November 2014

One of the major benefits of working for a start-up is the exposure to so many aspects of the business. My role as administrative support and front of house isn’t constrained to the reception desk: On a day to day basis I liaise with my CEO, CFO, head of marketing and head of operations; I deal with suppliers, coordinate events, manage multiple diaries and support fifteen additional companies within our portfolio - all recruitment start-ups in industries spanning architecture to financial services. My role is ever-evolving and has impressed upon me the importance of adaptability; pushing yourself to acquire new skills in unfamiliar territories is vital to your personal and professional development.

From the outset I've met with my manager on a weekly basis to discuss upcoming projects and identify areas for further support. Speaking openly about progression led me to a new opportunity within the RE business. In an expanding company, the exposure you have to potential career routes is invaluable – my manager recognised my ambition and interest in developing my remit and, after only a few months at the company I’d been recommended for a CIPD course in HR Practice.


Prior to starting at Recruitment Entrepreneur, I had little experience of HR. But as the saying goes, everybody knows something you don’t

In my first few months I made sure I spoke to as many people in the office as possible, and treated each conversation as a learning opportunity. It soon became apparent that HR was entrenched within every aspect of business; from talent attraction to learning and development. After speaking with an advisor at the CIPD, I was reassured that the online learning hub would perfectly compliment my full-time role. Before I'd even started the course I'd met my tutor and the rest of the students online through web chats and forums. We talked about where we worked, our HR experience and what we'd like to gain from the course. It was reassuring to know I wasn't the only person with limited HR experience but big hopes for the future.

I'm now two months into my course; one assessment down and one on the horizon, and my confidence and knowledge continue to grow. Every module is interactive and I'm learning new things each week. This course is helping me accelerate my career with Recruitment Entrepreneur, and I can take what I've learnt and put it to use in my day to day life.


My advice to anyone considering a new role?

Make sure your prospective company provides the environment in which you can develop your career. Having a senior management team that sees your potential and guides you to excel is incredibly rewarding; this shouldn’t be exceptional, it should be expected.

Written by Emily StuttardFront of House and Administrative Assistant at Recruitment Entrepreneur.