Collaboration: the key to start-up success?

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At Recruitment Entrepreneur (RE), we view our partnerships as more than cash investments.

James Caan with Bow Resources co-CEOs

We strive to create an innovative, collaborative culture, in which our joint ventures are both supported and encouraged to support others in their growth. Find out more about what a partnership with RE can do for your business here.



Round-the-clock assistance

It can be difficult for start-ups to carve out and maintain their place in a saturated market. Of course, investment is a key step in increasing brand credibility so securing the right venture capital is crucial. RE invests more than just money into our portfolio – it’s our hands-on approach that gives our partners their competitive edge. Our in-house operational services cover all aspects of running a successful business, such as:

Recruitment CEOs

Alison and Danny, co-founders

  • Business strategy
  • Payroll and accounts management
  • Legal and compliance documentation
  • Hiring and EVP development
  • Branding, social media and campaign marketing strategies
  • Website design, development and delivery
  • IT helpdesk support

With our team of experts taking care of these necessary services, each founding director is able to concentrate on what they love – launching and growing their businesses. As one of our portfolio partners, they benefit from the support system of a large, established company, whilst retaining the individuality and USPs of their own start-up.

‘Having payroll in the same space was really beneficial. If there was a problem, we could just talk to them face to face.’
Alison Watkis & Danny Jillions, Clarus Education Co-Founders

Success breeds success

It goes without saying that the more successful RE is, the more infrastructure, operational and expansion support we’re able to offer. As RE grows, you and your business grow with it, giving you unprecedented opportunity to advance and scale your business, both locally and globally.

James Caan Miranda

Miranda with Chairman James Caan CBE

As part of a greater whole, your own brand awareness is leveraged not only by the increased profile of RE, but also by that of the other portfolio partners. Another partner brand’s expansion facilitates growth opportunities and talent attraction for all. Shared interest creates a co-operative environment and the potential for an RPO model, where clients and candidates are passed on to other relevant brands within the portfolio. In such a highly competitive market, this is an invaluable asset to any business.

‘For me, this was never just about the investment. This was about the feeling of confidence you gained from being surrounded by aspirational business leaders who believe in you and your vision.’
Miranda Hilton, Group8 Founding Director


Team spirit

Beeken Reeves founders Michael Beeken and Chris Reeves with their team.

A collaborative culture provides a unique network of niche industry specialists, peers and outside perspectives. There’s no need to go it alone – whether sharing practice knowledge, tackling a problem together or gaining insight into different approaches, forming partnerships in business is always constructive. In fact, one study found that 97 percent of employees and executives agreed that the level of collaboration involved in a project directly impacts its outcome. Our portfolio partners regularly collaborate on briefs which overlap their areas of expertise, giving our founders greater access to new markets, candidates and clients.  The mentorship and peer support inherent in collaborative environments fosters a sense of reassurance and encourages intuitive business thinking, which in turn propels further productivity and innovation.

‘Leadership can be lonely. Having people who are helping you row in the same direction really works.’
Michael Beeken, Beeken Reeves CEO


Increased sale-ability

Entrepreneurship is a risky path and setbacks are inevitable; being part of a portfolio provides a safety net for new businesses to stay successful. This group portfolio model minimises risk for future buyers and makes the portfolio more investible. A profitable portfolio ultimately makes your own business more saleable. The advantage of working alongside other partner brands operating across a variety of industries, coupled with the RE teams’ significant experience in helping businesses achieve substantial equity value at exit, ensures stability and allows your business access to best practice processes that ultimately deliver sustained growth.


A partnership with Recruitment Entrepreneur means more than just investment. Apply now to launch or scale your business with our support.